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Get 'em while they're hot..cakes

Woah! That’s the reaction we’re expecting from most of our early birds today. It’s also our own reaction to the phenomenal interest we’ve had in our early bird tickets so far today, and as I type this, it’s only 11.30 am. It’s become official, this festival is happening again. People want to come to it, and they’re delighted with the bargain we’re giving them.

The Early Bird

Is it March already? It’s a bit unbelievable that we’ve come back around full circle from when we first started planning Spirit of Folk 2011. This time last year, we had absolutely no idea if what we dreamed of doing was even possible, and more to the point, we had no idea how we were going to do it.


Edit 26/03/2012 : Submission/Application links

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Just a few short updates to keep everyone clued in to the goings on at the moment. Things are still quiet enough in here but we've got a few things on the go which might be of interest to everybody.

First up our new website is up and it's looking good! We're trying to have a better balance of video and photo intergrated into the design and not as reliant on text, now that we've got some media to work with. Hopefully this will make it more user friendly and engaging for everyone.

Taking breaks and red tape

Two months on from the festival (I know, can you believe it? one sixth of the way back round already) and we here at the office decided the time is right to dust off the cobwebs and get this blog back out in the daylight. Not that we were keeping it in the dark or locked under the stairs or anything, we don't want it to get vitamin d deficiency (it could happen).

The End is the Beginning

As the dust settles and the end of SOF 2011 is here it’s hard to know where do I even begin with this blog? The weekend itself was an absolute blast. I miss everyone already and it’s only been a few days since I left. I know I wasn’t the only one who felt like uprooting out to Dunderry and living in a commune. There are so many stand out moments that it’s hard for me to even pin point them, but of course I’m going to try and do that anyway. Because if I didn’t this would be a very short and unsatisfying blog, wouldn’t it?

If we build it, they will come

It’s that time folks. We’ve just over a week left until we all shall be basking in the reflective glory of each other’s company. So for once I’m going to try and impart some useful practical info instead of my usual yammering on.

The Best Laid Plans of Children with Crayons

Festivals are like small children. You treat them with unconditional love, you nurture them and help them to develop into something special and you invest a lot of time in them. But they still draw on the walls with crayons and throw up on your furniture. What am I trying to say? Actually, I kinda got lost in the metaphor, pretty sure there’s a moral in their somewhere though…

"Spirit" of Folk

One of the most unique elements about Spirit of Folk (apart from being Ireland’s only camping folk festival) is the spiritual element. Shocker right? But seriously, this is a core element of the festival, not just in the workshops and talks we have over the weekend but right down to our ethos and the festival’s raison d’etre.

Workshop Week

Saying last week was a busy one is a major understatement! With just over two months left until the festival it was time to get some legitimate building and designing going on down at the site of the festival in Dunderry. We’d planned to get some bunting, flags and a variety of benches and seating made for the weekend. We also had to meet with our site manager, Ed, to discuss preparations that needed to be made in advance of the festival.