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Edit 26/03/2012 : Submission/Application links

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First off a belated happy new year to all! Thanks for your support in 2011 and hopefully your continued encouragement in 2012, let's hope it's a good one.

Work has finally begun in earnest for next this year's festival and first on the agenda is band submissions! (did the title give away the surprise?)

As anyone who attended last year (or, I suppose, anyone whose heard the title of the festival) will know Spirit of Folk is a folk festival in all senses of the word. We take a holistic interpretation of the word folk encompassing various forms of spirituality, traditional folk activities such as falconry, art, storytelling (and, er, table tennis) and a back-to-your-roots atmosphere which attempts in some way to act as an antidote to an over saturated modern lifestyle. Obviously though folk music is a major part of the festival. But what do we mean when we talk about folk music? This may seem like a stupid question but to be honest folk is a fairly broad term that defies a clean definition.  for most people it really is the tone setter and the centre of the whole weekend. We certainly view it as the lynchpin that holds everything else in place and that's why we place such an emphasis on getting it right.

We're looking for folk music in the broadest sense. We're looking for American folk, Irish Trad., bluegrass, folk rock, country and anything that fits our festival. Last year we had bands as broad ranging as St. John the Gambler's eastern influenced, stomping Alt. Folk to Lisa O'Neill's tender folk ballads. There's no reason why this year's line up can't be just as diverse. Folk in its most basic sense is the music of the people so any type of folk music that fits the vibe and ethos of the festival will be considered.

So without further ado let us announce submissions as officially open for 2012!

Thanks in advance to anyone who applies for a spot. I hope that together 2012 will be another great year for SoF!

You could be playing in this tent... this crowd.