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SOFF People - Claire McCluskey!

Over the last few weeks, we here at SOFF HQ have gotten in touch with many of the folk that have made the fest happen to write a guest blog about their experience. They have been coming in fast and hard and lots of memories and good times have been stirred up in the meantime! This week we have Dublin based Artist Claire McCluskey (or the McCluskey Huskey as we call her!). Claire is on the art team but you might just catch her with a screwdriver assembling a stage at 4am in the morning. Thats just how she rolls!

SOFF People - Harry Bookless!

For the next couple of weeks we will be hearing from the different folk that make the Spirit of Folk Festival happen. This week we have Harry Bookless, Dublin based sound engineer and musician. Harry has been with us from the start and is always around to provide the craic and amazingly professional sound advice (pardon the pun!) Harry is also a member of three bands (Carriages, Little xs for Eyes and Colour Canyon)  and we recommend you check them out!