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SOFF People - Claire McCluskey!

Over the last few weeks, we here at SOFF HQ have gotten in touch with many of the folk that have made the fest happen to write a guest blog about their experience. They have been coming in fast and hard and lots of memories and good times have been stirred up in the meantime! This week we have Dublin based Artist Claire McCluskey (or the McCluskey Huskey as we call her!). Claire is on the art team but you might just catch her with a screwdriver assembling a stage at 4am in the morning. Thats just how she rolls!

For more on Claire's work visit her website here.


My association with the Spirit of Folk Festival is considerably personal, and I’m not at all unique in this. Like many other close friends of the festival-organising-super-siblings Natasha and Emily Duffy, I have been involved with this event from the beginning, from the moment it took root as a young seedling in Dunderry Manor Park.

As it grew over time, I have experienced many things that would perhaps go unnoticed by your average festival attendee. I have witnessed that spark of a new idea catching alight, illuminating the uphill pathway of an ambitious project. I have observed, with immense pride, the courage of a close friend undertaking an impressive challenge, with success and grace. And I have marveled at the incredible resource of talents and skills possessed by a group of peers, working tirelessly as Spirit of Folk blossomed from idea into reality.

Year after year, I have been honored to join these wonderful people to help bring this event to life. Living on site in Dunderry for build week, the sense of community is incredible. You are part of a team - you do what you can, and go where you are needed. You help out, pile in, work late and then... the gates open, the festival begins. And your family grows. From these experiences, I have become acutely aware of the level of commitment needed to get an event like this off the ground. I have personally seen the sweat and blood, and I can testify for the absolute attention behind every detail. The love and care that has been poured into planning this festival is overwhelming.

I know all of this because I’ve just happened to have seen it. But you do not need to be told these things to get the sense that Spirit of Folk is built on something bigger than us. You can feel it for yourself, out there in the fields, just like magic.