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Spirit of Folk presents... The Spirit of Dunderry

When we set about planning an event over six years ago, we never could have imagined the beautiful magic that was to unfold into what we know today as our beloved ‘Spirit of Folk Festival’. Back then, the country was still in the midst of recession, and on more than one occasion we were told we were mad to be carrying on with such notions. But one thing we have learned, that stays with us to this very day, is that people will always make art, will always play music and will always get themselves into mischief... and look how well it all turned out! The Spirit of Folk Festival gave us five years of pure magic and made a name for itself as one of the most enchanting small festivals Ireland has to offer. We couldn’t have been more proud!!

But let us take a moment to look a little further, beyond our happy festival brain-baby - to the very site of the festival itself: Dunderry Park. Were it not for this very special location, Spirit of Folk, quite simply, would never have even happened.

Nestled in the historic heartlands of Co Meath, Dunderry Park is the location of a 200 year old Georgian Manor. It is owned and maintained by the Oaktree Charitable Trust - a non-profit organisation that was established to help people deal with the stresses of life. Located close to ancient sites like the Hill of Tara, Newgrange and Sliabh na Cailleach, there is something undeniably magical and therapeutic about the manor and the surrounding 24 acres of land. These grounds offer space for retreat and healing and the house plays host year-round to a variety of workshops and courses - one of the Trust’s main objectives is to fund counseling sessions and workshops for individuals and groups, particularly those suffering from the effects of trauma.

Also operating from Dunderry Park is the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies and parent organisation the Transpersonal Institute. Workshops and courses are available in all levels of shamanic practitioner training, as well as breathwork, drumming circles, trance dancing and yoga, to name but a few. One-on-one therapies are also available in the centre in transpersonal psychotherapy, shamanic counselling, soul retrieval and healing, all led by qualified and experienced practitioners.

The Oaktree Charitable Trust has been fostering growth and healing from the surrounds of Dunderry Park for 20 years now, and in that time has become known around the world as a site of powerful and potent significance. Lives have literally changed here - hearts have been opened and healed, and people have found new empowerment through peace, compassion, creativity and fun! That is where we come in, of course - the Spirit of Folk Festival was born through a desire to have a bit of a frolic through the park - and oh, did we do just that!

So, we think you’ll agree with us when we say Dunderry Park is kind of a Big Deal. And as we said, this year is the big 20th anniversary of the Park being open, so generously sharing it’s magic with us. Now it’s time for us to share a bit of that magic back, in the best way we know how!

This year, instead of our usual festival shenanigans, we’re shaking things up and bringing it back - back to the Spirit of Dunderry and what the Park is all about. We will be hosting a one-night anniversary celebration on the 9th/10th September, bringing along all our SOFF magic and charms. There’ll be storytelling in our Tolkien-worthy candle-lit cairn, folk-tastic music on our wonderous woodland stage and amazing talks and workshops led by some of the leading minds in the fields of spirituality and psychology today. There will be food, frolics, dancing and delight: this event will be all about the magic and wonderment that embodies Dunderry Park and will be open and inclusive for everyone, of all ages.

As if that weren’t enough - our special evening of Dunderry celebrations will reach peak magic when we round off with the largest drumming circle Ireland has EVER SEEN!!!
It’s going to be big, bold and beautiful, and we want all of you to be there with us to celebrate Dunderry’s Big Birthday Bash.

Get your tickets here, and join in the magic!