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"Spirit" of Folk

One of the most unique elements about Spirit of Folk (apart from being Ireland’s only camping folk festival) is the spiritual element. Shocker right? But seriously, this is a core element of the festival, not just in the workshops and talks we have over the weekend but right down to our ethos and the festival’s raison d’etre.

Spirit of Folk is primarily a fund raising event for the Oaktree Charitable Trust mission and vision is to provide a safe and healing environment for caring communities to grow and nurture their members as well as to encourage sustainable health and fitness of body and mind. The trust runs Dunderry Park and provides its facilities for other charities with similar aims at reduced rates. In the past we’ve worked with The Rape Crisis Centre, and in co-operation with the Tara Centre, victims of the Omagh Bombing.

Keeping this in mind when organising the festival, our spirituality section is something we’ve put a lot of time and effort into. Dunderry Park is an amazing venue and has seen many interesting events over the years. We wanted workshops and talks that were both representative of the ongoing work of the charity as well as bringing in new people and keeping the atmosphere as open and accepting as possible. We have a range of activities from yoga and drumming to massage and druidic ceremony (the weekend does kick off on the autumn equinox after all).

In a way the festival itself is an escape from the stresses of modern life. Whatever your idea of relaxation you’re bound to find it here. Not to suggest that our lives are so terrible we need to run and hide but getting away from it all and back to your roots can be a welcome respite every once in a while. Certainly this festival is custom designed to do that, fitting when you consider what it’s all in aid of. With our picturesque setting, living history village, chilled out folk music and wide variety of activities for mind, body and soul, we’re making damn sure that the spirit of Spirit of Folk isn’t just an afterthought.