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If we build it, they will come

It’s that time folks. We’ve just over a week left until we all shall be basking in the reflective glory of each other’s company. So for once I’m going to try and impart some useful practical info instead of my usual yammering on.

With the festival right on top of us it’s time to get the essentials down on paper. If I’ve missed anything feel free to drop a comment here, on facebook or contact us through ourwebsite.

First of all some festival basics. There is no alcohol on sale at SoF, it’s strictly BYOB. This isn’t in an attempt to discourage alcohol consumption or anything like that, it is a festival after all, it simply cuts down on the cost of tickets and getting someone in selling drink for the weekend. We’d also have to confiscate any drink being brought into the music and activities area. One catch though is that glass can’t be brought into the music area  (for obvious reasons).

Some essentials you may want to bring with you are toilet roll, food stuffs (or you can eat at stalls all weekend), drink, toiletries (baby wipes are always a life saver) and clothes for all weather because while it can be quite chilly at this time of the year, there’s also been a lot of strong sunshine on the go. Don’t underestimate the Irish sun! Small self contained barbeques are allowed but not those that are of an open fire type nature. If you want to bring your own instruments and get a wee sessiún going feel free. One thing to note is that there is no supermarket near by so bring what you need with you. Oh and don’t forget your tent. Because then you would look silly.

We’ve got so many activities that a look at our schedule (available here) is highly recommended. Maybe even making a personal list of what you want to see over the weekend so you don’t miss out. Some of my personal favourites that I’m looking forward to are the battle reenactment on Saturday and the Hall of Heroes which should be a riot (I hope figuratively).

There’s also a very entensive set of directions available on the website here . I can’t really do any better than that so there’s no point in me trying. It even gives coordinates for gods sake! Essentially it’s only a short drive from Navan. If you’re not driving a shuttle bus will be going from Fair Green 5 minutes walk from the Navan bus stop and will run from 5-9 Friday, 10-2 Saturday an 5-9 Sunday.

I’d advise you to keep a close eye on facebook over the next week for any last minute updates that might occur. Other than that, I’ll see you all next week! It’s gonna be real special."