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The Early Bird

Is it March already? It’s a bit unbelievable that we’ve come back around full circle from when we first started planning Spirit of Folk 2011. This time last year, we had absolutely no idea if what we dreamed of doing was even possible, and more to the point, we had no idea how we were going to do it.

One thing that is abundantly clear, is that we wouldn’t have managed it without the amazing people who made their way on board at various points throughout the year. A little community sprung up around the building of the festival, and it made every aspect of the planning smoother, and frankly, a lot more fun. Without getting cheesy, we couldn’t have given the event a more apt name. 'Spirit of Folk' became a project that brought people together with a common purpose, fostered creative relationships and created lasting friendships - even long before the gates opened in September. What happened on the weekend itself was equally phenomenal. We were so amazed at how giving people were of their time and skills, how people felt personally invested in the festival, and how many of them were there any time they were needed to help out in any way they could - whether it be running into town for another pack of nails or making a big pot of tea and some sandwiches.

In a way, it’s easy for people to become despondent in today’s climate, especially young, talented people who aren’t afforded much opportunity to create, or contribute. For many people it makes more sense to emigrate, as there’s a palpable feeling that there’s simply nothing here worth staying for. This is why Spirit of Folk was successful to us, and why we decided to go ahead with it in 2012, despite the fact that we didn't make money.

We want to create a space for people to become inspired and to feel as though they’re part of something worthwhile. We want to make an event where artists can meet and network and create, rather than just perform, and ultimately, we want to make an event where those coming for the weekend can feel part of the Spirit of Folk community.

That’s why we are doing such good deals on our Early Bird tickets. We know times are tough, and don’t want ticket price to stop people coming to the festival. So, from the 30th of March to June 1st, weekend tickets are €65, day tickets are €35, family weekend tickets are €120, and family day tickets are €60.

That’s not it though, we’ve also decided to get really crazy on the day of our fundraiser, March 29th. On this day only it will be €50 for a weekend camping ticket. (We’ve clearly gone mad.)

Our fundraiser will be as much like the festival crammed into one night in Whelan’s as we can possibly make it. There’ll be a mini Setanta challenge,an appearance by Bust & Bust of Hall of Heroes fame, some of our acts from last year such as Traz, Bunoscoinn, the Young Folk  and The Hot Sprockets and a raffle for free tickets, a festival camping supplies kit from Millet's Camping,  free tickets for the ghost bus tour in Dublin, a wash cut style and treatment from Boxcut Barbers and much more. There will of course also be lots of bunting and good cheer.

It’s a tenner in, and it would be great if you could make it. We need all the support we can get to get the festival off the ground this year. 

For more info on the event click here