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Taking breaks and red tape

Two months on from the festival (I know, can you believe it? one sixth of the way back round already) and we here at the office decided the time is right to dust off the cobwebs and get this blog back out in the daylight. Not that we were keeping it in the dark or locked under the stairs or anything, we don't want it to get vitamin d deficiency (it could happen).

In that time we have not lain idle while time passes us by. Well at least not for the last month anyway. After the festival we took a week or two off with people doing their own thing to shake the post festival blues. Some of us went on holidays, stayed in Ireland and went out too much or just crashed for a few days. But the itch returns and we couldn't stay away for too long.

Since we've been back we've just been cleaning house mostly analysing what went well at the festival and isolating mistakes, areas we can improve upon and that kind of thing. On top of that we've been wading through all the bureaucracy we need to sort out to apply for funding and grants next year. Exciting stuff, truly. But worry not folks, we haven't been absorbed into the red tape. We've also been brainstorming ways to make next year's festival the best ever in our long and illustrious one year history. (Normally I would insert some kind of pun on the word folk here but unfortunately I'm honour bound to stay away from them until 2012)

So what have we got in store for you? Well though it's early days there's a few things in the works. For starters we really want to get the twitter account going this year. It was on our to do list for last year but really there were so many other things going on that we couldn't have given it enough time to do it justice. So if you're on twitter you can follow us @spirit_of_folk . Activity on that should start to heat up properly in the new year.

We're also planning to hold a fundraiser in March. This is in the early days of planning but most likely it will be a gig featuring bands from Spirit of Folk and  also, (drum roll please) The Return of Bust' and Bust'. We'll try and keep them away from the lycra but no promises. It'll make for a nice little reunion for everyone too seeing as how it's roughly halfway between festivals.

Lastly and most importantly we want your input and ideas for next year. Spirit of Folk 2012 promises to be an even more immersive experience but we need your help. What's that one new feature (or several) that would make next years event truly special? Let us know, no matter how crazy or infeasible it might seem. You can post up responses here, on facebook or email [email protected] . We might even post some of them up on facebook or twitter to see what everyone makes of it. So get creative everybody, 2012 is just around the corner.