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Get 'em while they're hot..cakes

Woah! That’s the reaction we’re expecting from most of our early birds today. It’s also our own reaction to the phenomenal interest we’ve had in our early bird tickets so far today, and as I type this, it’s only 11.30 am. It’s become official, this festival is happening again. People want to come to it, and they’re delighted with the bargain we’re giving them.

So, you’d think it’d be time for us to head out for a nice cuppa tae and a biscuit and pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we’ve done and congratulate ourselves on what a success the festival is sure to be. Not bleedin’ likely round here. We’re up to our eyes with the last minute organisation of tonight’s gig in Whelan’s (which is looking like it’s gonna be great, Hot Sprockets, The Young Folk, Bunoscoinn and Traz are all set to take the stage and our mammy has even baked some fresh scones for the lucky few who get there early). We’re also tweeting/facebooking/emailing/shouting at randomers on the street to get the word out there. Share it with everyone you know and we’ll love you forever.
So here it is one last time - 
All weekend camping tickets are €50 until 12am tonight. 
All Day tickets are €30 until 12 pm tonight.
The fundraiser is on upstairs in Whelan’s from 8 til late, it’s €10 in and who knows you might even get a free scone or home made bun. 
You can also get ridiculously priced tickets there, if you prefer doing that sort of thing in person :) Here's all the info you need for tonight..
Aaand here's where you can buy tickets.