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That’s NOT all folks….

As a lot of you know, us Spirit of Folkers have had to take a wee change of direction for Spirit of Folk 2013. Were all nature lovers in here and due to the high volume of people at the festival last year we have to give the grounds some rest and breathing space and for that reason we wont be having a three day outdoor festival this year.

However, not all is lost! We started out to promote folk music, living, arts, storytelling, and to set up a sense of something special in these more difficult times and we aint stopping.

Spirit of Folk Awards and Feastival Final

In 2013 Spirit of Folk will be hosting ‘The Spirit of Folk Awards’ with a very special qualifying all day event in Whelans in Dublin and a bespoke final at the Dunderry Park house and grounds in September.

The Semi Finals will be held in Whelans upstairs and VIP parlour bar on the 31st of August and will be an all day event with everything you could expect from a Spirit of Folk event including storytelling, delicious food and brilliant bands.

The Feastival Final will be held at Dunderry Park on the 21st of September and will be an all night event with doors opening at 3pm and activities happening long into the night. Tickets will include a large three course feast, archery, storytelling, drumming, shamanic workshops, the Hall of Heroes games area, full access to the house and grounds, Spirit of Folk Awards final and culminating in a burning of the phoenix – intrigued? 

** Attention All Bands **

First of all this is a HOLLA out to all the exceptionally talented folk and trad musical artists out there! Apply! We have some awesome prizes which include;

  • €1000 bursary
  • Recording time at Darklands Studios
  • A weeks residential at Dunderry Park for writing and creative time
  • The winning band profiled with all Spirit of Folk Media Partners

To apply go to our ‘How to apply’ section on the website here. Any profits made will be going to our newly established animal sanctuary at Dunderry Park. This year we have embarked on setting up a small animal sanctuary at Dunderry and have already welcomed our first new resident. As well as that we will have donkeys, chickens and whatever comes our way. We hope that this event can help both up and coming musicians as well as help home some vulnerable animals. That, we think, would be pretty FOLK!