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The Calling of the Mists - Noirin Rooney

Happy Birthday Dunderry! Come and join our medicine circle to take part in the Calling of the Mists. We will journey together to Tir Na Nog, connect with Mannanan Mac Lir and learn of our magical tradition of The Crane Bag and the Great goddess Aoife, not as she is portrayed in myth - but as a woman of power. Dress in your finest and we’ll see you in the cairn, in the heart of the magical realm of Dunderry Park.

Noirin Rooney is an experienced shamanic practitioner, community nurse/midwife and trainee herbalist. She offers a two year shamanic training course, covering the Ancient Irish Medicine Wheel and Crane Bag teachings. With her colleague, shamanic practitioner and archaeologist Angie de Birch, they run women’s wisdom camps in the Gorafe desert in Spain and regular women’s circles in Ireland and the Isle of Man.