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Astronomy Workshop - Lee Hurley


Have you ever sat on the couch watching a science fiction movie and wondered could we really travel across the galaxy, could we travel through time or a multitude of similar questions!? Well, come along to the 20th Anniversary Festival at Dunderry Park and ask me your questions about life, the universe and everything in it. I can't guarantee I know everything but if I don't know it, I promise I'll be able to say something with big science words in it that will sound impressive! There's no such thing as a stupid question, just questions we don’t yet know the answer to. So if you see me and you have a question just stop and ask, I'm nice and I probably won’t bite!


Lee graduated from Dublin City University with a degree in Physics and Astronomy and is working on his thesis for a Masters in Science Communication. He has a vast array of knowledge on most astronomy topics and can deliver talks on a multitude of subjects. Working with the Centre for Talented Youth in Ireland as an astronomy instructor, giving school lectures for Astronomy Ireland and teaching astronomy classes in Trinity College Dublin means he is well versed on teaching both adults and children at a variety of different levels.