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Journey of Sound - Eimear Crehan & Rishi Naad

Journey of Sound

Presented by Eimear Crehan and Rishi Naad, this singing and movement workshop for all age groups invites you to come on a magical journey of sound. Learn songs, movements and chants from around the world, make new friends & learn new things! Prepare to have fun and greet your inner child as you enjoy this unique wonderful workshop!

Eimear Crehan is a community music facilitator and a creativity coach. Eimear is the co-founder of SpeakUp SingOut Music School in Kilcock, Co. Kildare and specializes in confidence building & personal development through music. As well as working with choirs and teaching programs, Eimear loves to teach people how to sing and develop their creative abilities. For more information about her work go to

Rishi Naad is a Kundalini yogi and sound therapist. He regularly facilitates soundbaths in Louth and Meath. He has an interest in the magic of vibrational therapies such as sound, colour and smell. He works with both groups and with individuals in helping them raise their vibration. For more info check out Ogham Yoga on facebook