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Deasghnátha Na Splaince (Rites of Lightning) - Slí An Chroí

Workshop: “Oak Magic - Rites of Lightning – Heart of Dunderry”

Many will know that Dunderry is the anglacised Dun Doire meaning “Fort of the Oaks”. John and Karen of Slí An Chroí Shamanism have been teaching The Medicine Spiral annually for over 12 years at Dunderry Park. Significant is the presence of Oak for this shamanic apprenticeship, one where the first Deasghnátha or Rites are known as Deasghnátha Na Splaince - Rites of Lightning. Druidic ancestors were known to choose Oak Groves for ceremonies and rituals, as the Oak is outstanding among all sacred trees as one that attracts lightning. To celebrate the shamanic heartbeat of 20 years at Dunderry Park, John and Karen bring an immrama, a healing, mystical journey that honours each of those years held in the place of Oaks and the primal energy sourced by the shaman, one that begat life on Earth, Lightning.

·         Embrace The Plant Medicine Of The Oak

·         Receive Deasghnátha Na Splaince – Rites of Lightning

·         Ceremony Of Gratitude For 20 Years Past & Vision For 20 Years Forward

·         Take Part In The Spiritual Planting Of A New Young Oak In Dunderry Park

Husband and wife John Cantwell and Karen Ward are co-directors of Slí An Chroí (Pathway of The Heart) Shamanism, an organisation dedicated to mind, body and spiritual health shamanic practices, particularly as held in their native Irish (Pre-Celtic & Celtic) tradition. Since 2005, they have brought private therapy clinic practice, a training school, community gatherings and international expeditions together as a way of offering resources of their indigenous healing and wisdom lineage. John’s primary dedication is facilitating and drawing from grassroots practices, building a “bottom up” evidence based foundation for new shamanic, creative approaches to health and wellbeing in a wide range of environments. Karen adds psychotherapy alongside her shamanic practice, her MA and current PhD both focus on the interrelationship between healing shamanic technologies and psychotherapy. In recent years they have been sought as keynote presenters in a range of academic and esoteric conferences at home and abroad. Their connection to Dunderry Park is one of real friendship and kinship, reciprocal nourishment and support.

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