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Spiral Theatre Company presents 'Everyman'

The story of the medieval morality play 'Everyman' is concerned with the universal, human journey towards death. It is allegorical in its style and so, when the play opens, Death appears as a character who asks Everyman to go on a journey.

Spiral Theatre Company's production aims to offer an essentially Shamanic interpretation, replacing the original context which would have been intended as a vehicle for teaching orthodox Catholic doctrine of the period.

This production is presented by a cast of five, directed by Pamela Scully and designed by Suzanne Cavanagh.

Pamela Scully is qualified in Bio Energy Therapy and Tera-Mai Reiki, and works in the field of Energy Healing through her own practice in Dublin. She is currently studying Shamanism in Dunderry.

She read English; French and Philosophy for her B.A. Degree at UCD in the mid-1980s and following on from attaining the H-Dip. in Ed. she taught mainly within Adult Education and at PLC Level for eighteen years. From an early age she loved the magic of theatre and has been involved in directing and producing numerous productions, which range from schools and community groups to professional fringe companies. Since 1990, when working with her first professional company 'Stone and Elm', Pamela knew that theatre would always be a part of her life. She received a Masters in Drama from UCD and is of the opinion that the magic of theatre is chiefly facilitated by a generosity of spirit and a certain willingness to confront the self, while engaging with others and their stories, be they real or imagined. Certain people in the theatre over the years with whom she found some magic are as follows - Olwen Fouere; Conor Mullen; Joe Savino; Colm O'Maonlai;  Kevin Malone; Jim O'Keeffe; Louis O'Byrne and Margaret Twomey.

Pamela wishes to thank Martin Duffy; Natasha Duffy and Annette Peard at Dunderry for the privilege of being part of its magic.