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Dunderry Park is situated in the heart of historic County Meath, close to the ancient sacred sites of Tara, Newgrange and Loughcrew. The 200 year old completely restored Georgian residence, is surrounded by 25 acres of wooded parkland and a lake. It is located just a ten minute walk from the village of Dunderry halfway between Navan and Trim.

Dunderry Park is run by The Oaktree Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization which was set up to help people cope with the stress of life. We fund courses for individuals and groups who have suffered from the effects of trauma and also maintain the house and grounds of Dunderry Park.

Local Attractions

Trim Castle

Trim Castle, the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, was constructed over a thirty-year period by Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter. Hugh de Lacy was granted the Liberty of Meath by King Henry II in 1172 in an attempt to curb the expansionist policies of Richard de Clare, (Strongbow). Construction of the massive three storied Keep, the central stronghold of the castle, was begun c. 1176 on the site of an earlier wooden fortress. This massive twenty-sided tower, which is cruciform in shape, was protected by a ditch, curtain wall and moat.

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Newgrange is a megalithic passage tomb and Ireland's most famous prehistoric monument. Built in 3,200 B.C. It is widely recognised as one of the most important megalithic structures in Western Europe. Newgrange has a fully equiped visitors centre which gives guided tours of the monument.

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Hill of Tara

Best known as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, the Hill of Tara has been an important site since the late Stone Age when a passage-tomb was constructed there. Tara was at the height of its power as a political and religious centre in the early centuries after Christ. Attractions include an audio-visual show and guided tours of the site.

Sliabh na Caillí

Sliabh na Caillí is the highest peak of a low range of hills in north west Co. Meath just over a half hour's drive from Dunderry Park. Sliabh na Caillí is famous as the location of the Loughcrew passage tombs and The Hag's Chair, a kerbstone featuring megalithic art.

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Knowth and Dowth

Knowth and Dowth make up the two of the three passage tombs of Brú na Bóinne (other than Newgrange). Dowth is the oldest of the three tombs but is also the least well developed for tourism. Knowth is the largest of the three tombs and contains over a third of all examples of megalithic art in all of Western Europe.

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