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Hajime Takahashi

Hajime Takahashi is a guitar player from Tokyo, Japan and he has been playing Irish music since he was 12. He decided to move to Ireland at 20 years of age to pursue his interest and got involved heavily in the traditional music scene. Although he completed a degree from Univerity of Limerick's BA Irish Music and Dance, his interest ranges across many musical styles such as rock, soul, country, jazz and electronic music making him a versatile musician.

Upon finishing his studies in Limerick, he moved to Dublin and obtained a qualification in sound engineering and music production at Sound Training Centre in 2017. As well as being in demand as a session musician, Hajime has been heavily involved with projects like Juhn Echo (with Ultan O'Brien and Niamh Regan), The Friel Sisters and collaborations with concertina-player Liam O'Brien.

On the 9th September, Hajime will be teaming up with Patrick Cummins and Ultan O'Brien for a brand new project, put together specially for the Dunderry 20th Anniversary Celebrations.