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Ultan O’Brien

Ultan O’Brien is a fiddle player and violist from County Clare staying active in the worlds of performance, composition, and education.

Ultan began learning the fiddle at a young age from a variety of musicians in Clare. He has since studied contemporary and classical music for violin in Dublin’s Conservatory of Music and with Tamás Ittzés in the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. He holds a degree in Music Education from Trinity College, Dublin and DIT.

Ultan performs traditional and contemporary Irish music as a soloist & with a number of groups/ bands: A 6-piece traditional Irish music band, Skipper’s Alley; a project that aims to reunite the Scottish, Irish and Manx Gaels and celebrates linguistic and musical links between these sister-nations, Aon Teanga:Un Çhengey; a new trio project called Curlew.

Recently Ultan has been commissioned to compose music for an album by Laoise O’Brien and Francesco Turrisi, From Sun’s Far Rising. He has composed music for musicians — including Paul Roe, Virginia Kerr, Seho Lee— who have performed the music in Ireland, Canada, China and Korea.

On the 9th September, Ultan will be teaming up with Hajime Takahashi and Patrick Cummins for a brand new project, put together specially for the Dunderry 20th Anniversary Celebrations.