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Merkaba - Kasheba & Shivaya - Ritualistic Fire Performers

Kasheba is a Shamanic modern-day medicine woman, who uses dance and movement performance as a way to channel stories that remind people of their inner wildness. Together with her partner Shivaya, they will bring their special ritualistic Fire performance to the Dunderry 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

~ Inner Fire ~

At the beginning of time, when Gods and Goddesses wandered the universe, there lived Macha; the Goddess of fire, water, earth and air. Though content with her powers and activities on Earth, she felt a deep longing for something... and it was the passion she saw earth man have for his woman. However, as her energy was too intense for humans, there was no man brave and pure enough to be worthy of her presence. So it was that she created Shivay out of mud and water, and she brought him to life with flame; half-god, half-man, he possessed the powers of the fire. At last, she got what she wanted and they became passionate lovers, playing and dancing together with the fire.

For some time she was fully content, but Shivay was becoming too powerful with his gifts and he began to abuse the fire energy. Macha realised her mistake, that she never should have created someone like him - as he was only half god, his human side, corrupted by power, wished to rule the whole earth. She knew she had to destroy him before it became too late. Shivay resisted and they waged a fierce battle with fire, though he was no match for the powerful Macha. Shivay was destroyed, and the fire powers were restored.

Macha was heartbroken... but a miracle had occurred from Shivay’s brief presence on Earth. A tiny flame from him had remained on earth after the battle and was reborn in the form of a human man. Macha's heart lit with happiness once again with the hope that one day there will be a man who will be brave, strong and passionate enough to be a match for her energy.