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Kids at Spirit of Folk

The Dreamcatcher Workshop
The Dreamcatcher workshop is about bringing crafts and creativity to a festival using mostly natural materials, willow and wooden beads, real feathers, hemp string and wool. It is so kids can have something to bring home with them while learning how to make a dream-catcher, parents also enjoy making them and it can be in whatever shape they like and size. A few hula hoops will also be available if anyone wants to create a giant one.
Jnr VIP Parties
Jnr VIP is firmly rooted in the belief that entertaining a child can also provide an opportunity to impart some positive life skills focusing on children's personal development & self esteem all the while ensuring the best possible fun, laughter & enjoyment for all. All Jnr VIP Reps are child/social care qualified. 
Our Happy Child workshop helps your child turn any negative thought, feeling, or situation into a positive affirming experience through the use of art, guided mediation, visualisations and some word association techniques. We use balloons bubbles, facepaint music & dance to in our exciting workshop so your child comes away smiling & with some important 'tools' that can assist them for the rest of their lives. 
The Fairy House Building Workshop
Wee Houses for small folk by small folk!
Come along and build your own fairy house in the grounds of Dunderry Park. The wee folk of Dunderry need festival houses for Spirit of Folk. Our expert team of Fairy House Instructors will assist you in building your own fairy house, who knows one of the wee folk might even move in. Small folk accompanied by an adult are invited to come along and pick some natural building materials, browse our books for inspiration and select a tree or nook to build their fairy house in that they might find appealing to the local fairy they wish to attract.
Groovers and Shakers
Join us at the Groovers & Shakers Music Makers caravan where we will start at the very beginning (it's a very good place to start) finding the rhythm and the pulse in music, experiencing an eclectic mix of instruments and on to songs about hippos, life, love and hammers. We shall sing at the tops of our voices and dance till the cows come singing, stunning onlookers and parents alike with the flair and beauty that is our new found talent! 
Who We Are: 
Tricia "tink" Hutton is a mum and a primary school teacher. For the past seven years she has specialised in fun and informative music classes for children under Flatleys Lord of the Dance she saw first-hand the joy fun and silly, she revels in the joy that rhythm, song 7 years old. As lead fiddle player with Michael that music could bring to life. She is an expert in and music can bring and prides herself on her knowledge of ridiculous children's songs.
Julie Harper is a qualified Special Needs Assistant and childcare worker. She grew up against a backdrop of folk and traditional singing and spent her early 20’s immersed in amateur drama and group theatre. She loves to dance badly and sing obscure folk songs heartily and her greatest joy is encouraging the next generation to do the same!
Mindfulness for Kids
This is a workshop which introduces Mindfulness in many forms. We feel its a beneficial approach as it demonstrates how mindfulness can be used throughout our day in many ways.
This one hour workshop will cover Mindfulness of the breath, sound, eating and movement. We will also emphasize the importance of self kindness and compassion throughout.
Stilling the mind - We begin the workshop by inviting participants to bring their attention to the sound of the singing bowl. The singing bowl has been used for thousands of years to still the mind and is a lovely way to begin.
Mindfulness of the breath - We then do a brief introduction to the Mindfulness of the breath teaching participants how to follow and be present with the breath. This section is guided with periods of silence.
Mindfulness of sound - In the mindfulness of sound section, we give instruments to each participant. We pass around a box of words (feelings). In turn, each person makes the sound of how that word makes them feel with the rest of the group repeating it mindfully. This section is great for showing people how to have mindful fun!!
Mindful voice work - using our voice as we work through each chakra and related sound really feeling our breath, our voice and the colour each chakra creates as we move through each (Rainbow meditation for kids).
Mindful movement - In this section we introduce mindful movement which involves gently stretching and moving our bodies with mindful awareness.
Body scan - We end the workshop, lying down with a relaxing body scan.
Hark A Hat !!
Come along for a speedy hat making session. Transform recycled paper into sculptural and quirky hats, that we hope you will enjoy wearing throughout the weekend. Adults are welcome and accompanied children are also welcome, to join in the fun. We will be around the site at various times over the weekend. If you need to find us, look out for the happy hat makers wearing their creations.