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Stellar has been singing professionally since she was 16 years old. Now 3 decades on in her career she is a keen sound scientist in frequency and ancient sound healing and works specifically with the 432hz frequency of nature. Her interests in how sound and healing work together have brought her to work with her voice in many of the sacred sites and spaces all over the world. Her most notable accomplishment was in 2011 where she recorded her second album, The Sounds of Light, in the King’s chamber of the great pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

More recently Stellar has teamed up with German award winning composer Peter Ries and was a guest vocalist with his various projects in Germany. She also did a collaboration in Pythagorean tuning with Derrick Van Heerden called Divine Harmony, which continues to touch hearts the world over. Stellar is embarking on a new project with award winning film composer Craig Pruess who is pursuing the 432Hz mission with Stellar and various string orchestras as well as a new album which was recorded in the caves of sacred France called "The Magdalene Codes".

For the Dunderry 20th Anniversary Celebrations, Stellar will be co-hosting a very special workshop with Carmel Diviney from the Celtic School of Sound Healing. With Carmel and Stellar, you will be invited to travel on the waves and timbre of gongs and sounds, embarking on an inner journey of self healing and discovery.