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Top Ten Alternative Activities at Spirit of Folk 2014!!!!

Festivals are a place to have fun and frolic. To step outside the daily grind and experience some magic, speak and dance with some strangers and hopefully leave you with a sense of wonderment! At Spirit of Folk you might also get a chance to learn something new or be inspired to take up a new skill or hobby. We hope you will find it full to the brim with wild and wonderful activities and here are just a few extra curricular ones you can get involved in outside dancing your little butts off to the awesome lineup of musical acts!

1. Experience the magic of Seanchai Eddie Lenihan

Step into a Lord of the Rings inspired hobbit hole to listen to one of Ireland's most legendary storytellers. On Saturday night Eddie will be telling us tales of the faerie folk - one not to be missed!

2. Fly beautiful birds of prey

Newgrange Falconry will be brining along their falcons, owls and eagles along to Spirit of Folk. Learn about these beautiful animals and the ancient art of falconry!!!

3. Discover the night sky

Astrophysicist and Astronomer Lee Hurley will be teaching us all about the night sky and we will all get a chance to take a look through the telescope to discover the cosmos! There is talk a very special comet will be viewable that weekend - heres hoping!!!

4. Take part in the BIG DIG

So this one is a little more for the kids! This is a chance for the wee ones to discover what it might be like to be the real Indiana Jones and safely excavate the remains of an ancient viking house!

5. Embark on a Shamanic Journey

Spirit of Folk is right in the middle of the sacred Boyne Valley in Co. Meath and over the weekend you will get a chance to experience a druidic ceremony and embark on a shamanic drum journey!

6. Party in the Hall of Heroes

Curated and managed by the infamous Bust and Bust this late night area of madness contains all the magic. From wacky talent shows to folk aerobics they have done it all. We have heard great plans for 2014 but we have been told to keep out lips tightly sealed!!!

7. Learn how our ancestors lived

Fingal Living History will once again be transforming the grounds of Dunderry Park and transporting us back to a simpler time. You will learn about ancient cooking and coinery and witness the re-enactors take part in small scale battle. EPIC!!!!

8. Treat Yourself!!

At Spirit of Folk 'Golden Spears Healing Tent' will be offering all forms of therapies over the weekend from massages to reflexology and more. A perfect way to unwind!

9. Try your hand at Archery

The lovely folk at Eco Adventure Ireland will be again bringing along their bows and arrows and letting festival goers see how good their aim is!

10. Sleep in Style

If you dont fancy the traditional tent try some GLAMPING or Boutique Camping with Silk Road Tents -

On top of all that there are midnight shadow puppet shows, delicious food and exciting craft stalls and a very special midnight treat for all festival goers!

Spread the word, join the magic!!!

For more info or to buy tickets visit or email [email protected]