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Living History

‘Spirit of Folk’ is all about embracing our heritage and past and what better way to do that than to live it!

In our ‘Living History’ village, in cooperation with the Fingal Living History Society, you will be able to experience what it was like to dress, live, craft and cook old school style.

Battle re-enactments

On the Saturday we will have a small-scale battle-reenactment in our activity area. See what it was like for warriors of old to design, create and use their armory and weapons and finally take to the battle ground in combat!

Experimental archaeology

Throughout the day we will have workshops on various experimental archaeology techniques. Learn about making your own Fullacht Fiadh, crafting a bow and arrow from scratch or creating rope from nettle leaves!


We will be providing top class archery for all our guests. Learn how to handle and use a bow and arrow while taking part in fun competitions throughout the festival.

Falconry Display

Newgrange Falconry will be joining us for a show not to be missed! This will be a stimulating, unique and memorable experience run by their very experienced team in this most noble and ancient art of falconry. We hope that you will leave feeling more environmentally aware, having gained some knowledge of falconry, birds of prey and their role in the environment.