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Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes at the Spirit of Folk Festival will give centre to stage to performance, comedy as well as indoor and outdoor games. Bust & Bust – the Spirit of Folk Festival hosts will entertain, cajole and impress with activities ranging from karaoke, murder mystery and many popular fairground games.

The Hall of Heroes will also host our late night DJs and dancing and you can expect the usual electric atmosphere until the sun starts to rise again.

Dublin Comic Jam
This September, Dublin Comic Jam is collaborating with Irelands best small festival, Spirit of Folk to bring a very special comic jam to it's Hall of Heroes Stage.
We've been given an endless supply of paper, four large scale easels, two hours and one stage on the Saturday afternoon(19th September) in which to hold a special large scale comic jam with seasoned jammers, festival attendees and other artists alike. The jam is entirely reliant on 'audience' participation but there will be several Dublin Comic Jam regulars on hand to keep things flowing.
The concept is simple - see what has been drawn on the page so far and add the next drawing (as you see it) in an ever evolving tale of collective cartoon improvisation. Bring nothing with you except a willingness to jump in and DRAW!
Since 2008, Dublin Comic Jam has been holding monthly comic jams in various pubs throughout the city.
See for previous jams and announcements of future events, or send an email to to get on the mailing list.